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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim.

"....Kadham kadham sey hai khauf da zung, zamin bhi dushman falaq bhi dushman...."
Nabi'ey Akram Shafi'ey Alam ~ Shaykh Muhammad Azhar Iqbal damat barakatuhu

Subhan'Allah...think about it...

Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim. Rawdhina billahi Rabba wa bil'islaami deena wa bi'Muhammadin nabiyaa, wa akhirud'duana anil'hamdulillahi rabbil'alameen.

Duaas requested...JazakAllahukhayran, Walaykumasalam wa Rahmatullah


Blogger Armchair Warrior said...

Bismillaahi wass-Salaatu wass-Salaamu'alaa Rasoolillaah.

Us-Salaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullaah.

Is that Urdu? Forgive me...I didn't quite get the meaning.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Veiled Knight said...

Walaykumasalam warahmatullah,
forgive me, yes it is Urdu, a translation was not provided for fear of not relating it correctly/my translation would do it no justice.

But in a literal/explanatory sense here it is:

"With each step I feel fear, not only is the ground is my enemy, but also the dawn"

just incase someone didn't understand its full context-It doesn't seem like much in English- but what i thought it to mean was that the narrator is saying that with each step he takes he can feel the fear he holds in his heart.
The ground is his enemy because the ground signifies the grave/death (i.e- once you die, no more repentance will be accepted of you, no more chances to repent or strive towards Allah more)

The dawn is also his enemy becuase the coming of dawn ends the 3rd part of the night (i.e the most blessed part of the night when "Our Lord descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, inquiring: 'Who will call on Me so that I may respond to him? Who is asking something of Me so I may give it to him? Who is asking for My forgiveness so I may forgive him?"[hadith])

So becuase this ends the 3rd part of the night, he, the narrator does not know if he will live to see the next "3rd part of the night"...

sorry to all for the long and awkwardly transalted translation.hope it was of some help though..

duas requested
Walaykumasalam warahmatullah

3:28 PM  

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