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"The history of Islam is written in two colors: One is the black of the scholars' ink, the other the red blood that the martyrs shed."

Insha'Allah a collection of Ayahs, ahadith, words of wisdom from our Shuyukh, poetry, quotes, excerpts and the like...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim.

"If musk and amber are placed before a man who has a cold and therefore a stuffy nose, he will not be able to appreciate their fragrance. This is not the fault of the musk or amber, but the fault of his illness. Today the Holy Quran is amongst us, but because we are diseased by our sins we are estranged from the pleasures of the Holy Book."
~Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad* (may Allah increase him)
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Allahumma sali'ala sayyiddina Muhammadin wa 'ala alay sayyiddina Muhammadin wa barik wa salim. Rawdhina billahi Rabba wa bil'islaami deena wa bi'Muhammadin nabiyaa, wa akhirud'duana anil'hamdulillahi rabbil'alameen.

Duaas requested...JazakAllahukhayran, Walaykumasalam wa Rahmatullah


Blogger Zain said...

As Salaamu Alaykum,

That is such a beautiful saying. May Allah give us the true understanding of these deep words of wisdom and then grant us the ability and inclination to correct our errors so that we can benefit from this beautiful book of guidance. Aameen.

Please remember me in your Duas.


6:09 AM  
Blogger Umm Zahra said...

Assalama'alaykum warahmatullah

Ameen wa thuma ameen.
Jazaka'Allah khair for sharing these beautiful words of wisdoms with us.

It's always a pleasure to read =)
Duaas kindly requested.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Veiled Knight said...

Walaykumasalam wa rahmatullah


Umm Zahra: Wa'iyyaki, indeed words of wisdom.. Insha'Allah you will be in my duas, may i be in yours.

Brother Zain: Insha'Allah, Ameen, JazakAllahukhayr for the addition. Alhamdulillah.

Duas are requested...

Walaykumasalam warahmatullah

11:24 PM  

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